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Marble Top Console Tables

Marble-top console tables radiate refinement and sophistication.

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Experience the superb style and sturdy construction of our carefully chosen selection of console tables with marble tops. Our marble console tables can add a touch of luxury and usefulness to any living space with their sturdy bases and premium marble surfaces.

What Makes a Marble Top Console Table the Best Option?

Marble is a rich and resilient stone that is frequently seen in luxury houses and organisations, guaranteeing its longevity and generational inheritance.

Durability: The Marble Top Console Table is a timeless and durable piece that offers a classic yet modern aesthetic. Its unique material, marble, is highly resistant to wear and tear, making it an attractive choice for those seeking longevity.

Design and Purpose: Marble console tables are a stylish and functional addition to any home, boasting classic marble tops and ornate legs, and are also remarkably resilient and robust.

Worthwhile: Marble console tables offer long-term durability and style, despite initial investment. They thrive in elements and develop a unique shine over time, making them a favourite among room decorators.

Maintenance: When properly maintained, marble console tables can last for many generations. These precious products may become the centrepiece of your house with the right care and protection from harsh temperatures and humidity.

Why Us?

Our dedication to maintaining the highest standard of work allowed us to remain focused on our forward-thinking course. With every purchase, we were able to fulfil our goal, which also allowed us to grow as a company with every product we produced.


Q: How should my marble top be maintained?
A: Regularly wipe the marble top with damp cloths, and avoid aggressive cleaning products. Finish with a dry lint-free cloth.
Q: Where can I purchase a superior marble top console table?
A: We always maintain the highest standards of quality, so come purchase your excellent marble top console table from Ellis Home Interiors.

So, what is holding back you from moving forward?

Get the ideal focal point for your house right now by browsing our selection of marble-top console tables.