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TV Stands

Upgrade your living room with our range of media and entertainment units. Our selection of TV stands and storage units combine style and practicality, making them the perfect addition to any living space.

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With a variety of materials and finishes available, including wood, glass, and metal, you're sure to find an entertainment unit that matches your décor.

Where is the best place to put a TV in the living room?
You want to make sure that the TV is at a comfortable viewing height and distance, which can vary depending on the size of your TV and the layout of your room. A good rule of thumb is to have the centre of the TV screen at eye level when seated.

Consider placing it on one of our entertainment units, which can be positioned against a wall or used to divide a room. Shop our collection today and find the perfect entertainment unit for your home.

Should the TV stand be wider than the TV?
Generally, it is recommended that the TV stand be at least as wide as the TV, if not wider. This allows for proper balance and stability, as well as providing enough space for any additional components or accessories. Additionally, a wider TV stand can also help to create a more visually appealing and cohesive look in the room.