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Dining Room & Hallway Benches

Our range of trendy and functional hallway and dining benches ensures ample storage and comfort.

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Hallway benches are a great way to give your house more sitting, storage, and style. There is a size and design here to fit every room, ranging from traditional Monks Benches with fantastic storage drawers to Hallway Benches with hidden under-seat storage space. Our selection of dining benches is superb at Ellis Home Interiors. We promise that the ideal product is just around the corner, whether it's an industrialized bench to keep your dining space fresh and modern or a solid oak bench with classical influences to keep your dining room looking classy and sophisticated. We have a wide selection of eye-catching, superbly crafted pieces of outstanding furniture.

Choose Our Best Benches to Satisfy Your Hallway Needs

We have a variety of benches at Ellis Home Interiors that are currently available for online purchase, ranging from robust shoe benches that are simple to clean to wicker benches with roomy trunks and comfortable cushions. Many of our benches are constructed from premium oak and come with wicker storage options. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours. Additionally, we have a great collection of affordable oak seats, faux leather benches, and Monks benches.

Select From Us the Best Dining Benches

Our selection of dining benches includes styles that are industrial, modern, contemporary, rustic, and made of solid wood, oak, and metal. We also have various seating options, including faux leather, leather, fabric, velvet, and wool seats. The materials used to create our dining table collection are of the finest quality. You can choose many finishes while decorating the dining room, such as painted, weathered, oiled, and lacquered.

Where Can I Place a Dining Bench in a Dining Room? Together with our selection of dining tables, you can combine our lovely dining benches to create a fully functional dining setup where you can share your favourite meals with loved ones.

Maintaining Your Benches

As soon as your bench is delivered, we will provide you with the necessary maintenance guidelines. We advise you to read our care instructions even though we are confident you will go above and beyond to preserve the quality and look of your bench. By doing this, you may be confident that your decision will make you happy both now and in the future.

Get in Touch with Us Now

While we are confident that our website will provide you with a hallway and dining bench that meets your demands, you are welcome to call us at 01782749398 if you require our assistance. Similarly, don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions concerning any of our dining or hallway benches. To make sure you have all the information you require, our sales advisors are available.