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Cushions & Throws

Cosy Essentials: Explore Cushions, Duvets, and Throws at Ellis Home Interiors

Luxurious Cushions for Every Style

Elevate your seating areas with our selection of luxurious cushions. From plush velvet cushions in rich jewel tones to embroidered cushions with intricate detailing, our range caters to diverse tastes and decor preferences. Mix and match different textures and patterns to create inviting spaces that reflect your style.

Stylish Duvets for Restful Nights

Transform your bedroom into a sanctuary with our stylish duvets. To match the style of your bedroom, select from a variety of silky cotton duvet covers in calming neutrals or eye-catching designs. Our duvet collections offer comfort and quality for a restful night's sleep.

Cosy Throws to Complete Your Decor

Add warmth and texture to any room with our collection of cosy throws. Whether draped over a sofa, layered on a bed, or used as a stylish accent piece, our throws are both functional and decorative. Explore a variety of materials, from knitted throws for a rustic charm to faux fur throws for a touch of luxury.

The Versatility of Soft Furnishings

Cushions, duvets, and throws play a key role in enhancing the ambience and comfort of your home. They add layers of texture, introduce colour accents, and create inviting spaces for relaxation and lounging. Mix and match soft furnishings to update your decor seasonally or to reflect changing trends.

Shop Ellis Home Interiors for Cozy Living

Discover the art of cosy living with Ellis Home Interiors' collection of cushions, duvets, and throws. Explore our curated selection online or visit our showroom to experience the luxury and comfort of our soft furnishings firsthand. Create personalized spaces that exude warmth and style with our versatile and stylish essentials.


Q. Can I use duvets as standalone bedding or with duvet covers?
A. Our duvets can be used with duvet covers for easy maintenance and style versatility. However, they can also be used as standalone bedding for a minimalist look.
Q. How do I care for cushions, duvets, and throws purchased from Ellis Home Interiors?
A. Most cushions, duvets, and throws come with care instructions on the label. Follow these instructions for washing and maintenance to ensure longevity and preserve their quality.
Q. What materials are used in Ellis Home Interiors' duvets?
A. Our duvets are crafted from high-quality materials such as cotton, linen, and microfiber to provide comfort and breathability. Choose the material that best suits your sleeping preferences.