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Make your incomplete furniture complete with our collection of elegant and classic stools.

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Why Do You Need Footstools and Stools in Your House?

The answer to this question is quite clear: you want furniture that will enable you to finish a specific purpose or another piece of furniture. For example, whether you desire leg support with your living room sofas or elegant yet cosy chairs for your bedroom dressing tables. You've found the precise furniture page at Ellis Home Interiors that will meet your demands and specifications.

What Advantages Do Footstools Offer?

For extended periods spent sitting at a desk or workstation, ergonomic footrests enhance comfort. By transferring weight, footrests enable a worker to change positions and lessen back pain. Footrests help to improve posture, lessen weariness, and relieve aches and pains in the thighs, ankles, knees, and feet.

What Makes Stools Superior to Normal Chairs?

The thighs can slope downward when seated higher on a stool or saddle seat, which puts the pelvis and lumbar (low back) in a neutral position and permits the spine to assume its natural curve. This can lessen pain and soreness from poor posture for people who suffer from back pain.

What Separates Stools from Footstools?

A stool is a seat that has neither a back nor arms. Stools are typically built of metal or wood and aren't upholstered because their primary uses are as temporary perches, places to climb to reach objects or decorative pieces. Stools can, of course, be any size or shape. There are many solutions to meet your needs, ranging from folding stools and bar stools to vanity stools and joint stools.

  • They are long-lasting.
  • Moves effortlessly
  • Adds more sitting
  • Perfect for compact spaces
  • Chic and contemporary

Footstools, as their name implies, were created as an alternative to armchairs or couches, giving you a place to rest your feet and unwind after a demanding day. However, decor lovers and interior designers have been coming up with original and inventive ways to use them as extra seating in corridors, studies, or even at the foot of beds. To allow you to elevate your legs, footstools are a little bit lower to the ground than conventional stools. In addition, they have the option to be padded for enhanced comfort and wider than stools. They are perfect if your living room isn't large enough for a recliner sofa because you can relocate them to whatever location suits your needs.

  • Incredibly cosy
  • Suitable for use when working remotely
  • Lessens the strain on the legs
  • Extra seating for visitors

Do you wish to add some stylish, modern stools and footstools to your house to refresh its look? Kindly get in touch with Ellis Home Interiors. We provide a large assortment of stools and affordable delivery options to homes all around the UK. Because we frequently update and add new ranges, we are confident that you will find what you are searching for here. Please get in touch with us by phone at 01782 749398 or by email at