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Animal Wall Decor

Wildly Chic: Animal Wall Decor from Ellis Home Interiors

Animal Heads: Captivating Focal Points

Adorn your walls with striking animal heads that make a bold statement. From majestic deer antlers to serene elephant skulls and regal giraffe heads, our animal-inspired wall mounts capture the essence of wildlife artistically and tastefully. These pieces add a touch of rustic elegance to any room, whether displayed above a fireplace, in a hallway, or as part of a gallery wall arrangement.

Animal Ornamental Sculptures: Artistic Expressions
Immerse yourself in the artistry of animal-themed sculptures that serve as captivating accents. Our collection includes intricately detailed animal figurines crafted from materials like metal, ceramic, and resin. Explore playful elephants, graceful birds, or fierce tigers, each meticulously designed to showcase the grace and beauty of the animal kingdom.

Wings: Symbolic and Striking
Bring a sense of freedom and symbolism to your decor with decorative wings that evoke a sense of flight and whimsy. Whether you prefer angelic wings with a heavenly allure or rustic avian wings with a vintage charm, our winged wall decor pieces add a touch of whimsical fantasy to your living spaces. Hang them above a bed, in an entryway, or as a focal point in a cosy reading nook.

How to Style Animal Wall Decor?
Incorporating animal-themed wall decor into your home is a creative endeavour that allows you to express your unique style. Mix and match different pieces to create a cohesive theme, or use individual items as eye-catching accents. Pair animal heads with botanical prints for a rustic-chic look, or display ornamental sculptures on shelves or side tables to add depth and character.

Explore Our Collection:
Are you ready to bring nature indoors? Ellis Home Interiors offers a carefully chosen assortment of animal wall décor pieces. Our selection has something for every animal lover and design connoisseur, whether you're drawn to the majesty of animal heads, the creativity of ornamental sculptures, or the meaning of decorative wings.


Q. Can I mix different types of animal-themed decor?
A. Yes, mixing different types of animal-themed decor can create a cohesive and eclectic look. Experiment with combining animal heads, sculptures, and wings to achieve a curated and personalized aesthetic.
Q. Can I use decorative wings as wall art in different rooms?
A. Yes, decorative wings can be used as striking wall art in various rooms of your home. Hang them above a bed, in an entryway, or as a focal point in a living room to add symbolic and visual interest.