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Bedside Cabinets

Elevate your bedroom with a practical yet stylish bedside cabinet from Ellis Home Interiors. Our extensive collection features a wide range of sizes, styles, and finishes. Browse our full range of bedroom furniture for more inspiration and complete your bedroom makeover today.



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Whether you prefer a minimalist and modern design, or a classic and traditional feel, our selection of bedside cabinets has something for everyone. Choose from a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and glass bedside tables, as well as a range of finishes such as painted, walnut, and oak bedside cabinets.

What can I use instead of a bedside cabinet?
If you don't want to use a traditional bedside cabinet, there are many alternative options. You can use a small bookshelf, a stack of books, a stool, a chair, a floating shelf, or even a vintage suitcase. Think outside the box and find a solution that fits your style and needs.

Should a bedside table be lower than the bed?
There are no set rules for the height of a bedside table, but generally, it's a good idea to choose a table that's level with the top of your mattress or a few inches lower. This makes it easier to access items on the table while you're lying in bed.

What height are bedside cabinets?
Bedside cabinets typically range in height from 24 to 30 inches. However, the height can vary depending on the style and design of the cabinet, as well as the height of your bed.


What looks good on a bedside table?
A bedside table is a great place to showcase items that are both functional and decorative. Some items that look good on a bedside table include a lamp, a clock, a book or tablet, a vase with fresh flowers, a picture frame, or a decorative tray. Just make sure not to clutter the table with too many items, as it should still serve its main purpose as a practical surface for holding essential items.