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Oak Beds

Discover the classic beauty and the exquisite assortment of oak beds.

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A wide range of finely constructed oak beds, each with great attention to design and quality, are available at Ellis Home Interiors. Our assortment includes opulent traditional styles as well as elegant modern designs to suit a wide range of preferences. There is a stylish bed for every choosy person, regardless of your preference for high craftsmanship and grandeur or clean lines and minimalist elegance.

Oak, a popular wood in bed making, is known for its durability and solid features, making it a popular choice for long-lasting, solid wooden bed frames.

Benefits Of an Oak Bed

  • Durability: Considering its reputation for strength and longevity, oak is a fantastic hardwood choice for a bed frame that will last for many years.
  • Versatility: Oak can be treated in an array of colours and styles, making it simple to coordinate with many interior design themes.
  • Natural Beauty: The warm, inviting, and naturally occurring grain pattern of oak can offer a bedroom a hint of refinement.
  • Sustainability: Oak is a sustainable material for furniture since it is a renewable resource.
  • Low Maintenance: Oak requires very little maintenance; a moist cloth and some light soap will do the job.
  • Value: When it comes to wood, oak is comparatively less expensive than other premium selections like mahogany or teak.
  • Timelessness: Oak is a timeless and traditional material for a bed frame since it has been used for generations to manufacture furniture.
  • Insulation: Since oak naturally insulates, it helps keep your bed cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • Strength: Oak is an extremely sturdy wood that can support large objects, like a bed frame.

Tips For Maintaining an Oak Bed

  • To get rid of any dirt or debris, dust the bed frame regularly using a soft, dry cloth.
  • Any spills or stains should be cleaned up at once using a moist cloth and a mild soap solution. Avoid strong chemicals and abrasive cleansers.
  • The bed frame's finish may fade or become yellow over time if it is exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Apply furniture wax or polish that has been specially made for wood using the directions provided by the manufacturer.
  • Every 3 to 6 months, turn the mattress to guarantee uniform wear.
  • Use a dust cover to preserve the bed frame's cleanliness and shield it from sunlight if you won't be using it for a long time.

With our oak beds, you'll be able to upgrade the appearance and comfort of your bedroom and turn it into an attractive haven. The significance of a well-designed bedroom that embodies your style and promotes relaxation is recognised by us. You can create a gorgeous focal point that unites the overall style of your bedroom with our amazing selection of designer beds.