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Fabric Beds

Any bedroom is made cosier and more welcoming by the addition of an upholstered bed.

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Why Opt for a Fabric Upholstered Bed Frame?

The way your bedroom appears and feels: Since we spend a third of our lives in bed, we should make this area comfortable. Investing in a fabric upholstered bed instantly infuses your bedroom with a feeling of elegance and home. Because of this, you should select your new fabric upholstered bed frame in the same manner that you would an artwork for your living space.

Express yourself: You can utilise a fabric upholstered bed to reflect your style and add a personal touch to your bedroom, especially if you rent and are unable to paint the walls, given how much the bed's appearance affects the entire space. You can choose from a large variety of shapes, fabric kinds, colours, and other characteristics at Ellis Home Interiors to determine which upholstered bed best suits your style.

Advantages of Fabric Upholstered Beds

Fabric upholstered beds are a popular choice for any bedroom, offering numerous options. Beds on Legs emphasizes the financial commitment involved in purchasing a new bed, so researching benefits and finding the perfect one is crucial.

  • Variety of Choice: The vast range of fabric upholstered beds offers a variety of styles, from minimalist ultra-slim beds to elaborate Chesterfield designs. When selecting a bed, consider the overall bedroom decor to create a harmonious layout for relaxation and restful sleep.
  • Range of Colours and Fabrics: Our fabric upholstered beds come in a wide range of styles, colors, and textiles, including velvet for glitz and linen for a natural feel. We offer a complimentary sample service for customers to see the fabric in their homes.
  • Super Comfortable: You really can't get much better than a fabric upholstered bed if you enjoy your home comforts. Yes, the headboards of all of our upholstered beds are padded, making them excellent for lounging against. Thus, if you enjoy unwinding in your bedroom, a cloth bed is the ideal option.
  • Easy To Clean: Maintaining a cloth bed is easy and spotless, especially with velvet beds. Regular hoovering and a clean, moist cloth dipped in soapy water can help remove stains from fabric bedding.
  • Extra Storage: Fabric beds offer additional storage potential, maximizing the area beneath the bed. Two storage solutions are drawers for convenient access and minimal requirements, or ottoman beds, which can store up to four times more than a four-drawer divan.

Select The Upholstered Bed That You Want.
Choosing from our extensive selection of fabric-upholstered beds at our website does more for your bedroom than simply adds some personality; it makes your sleeping space the centre of attention. Discover from us the main benefits of owning a fabric upholstered bed frame with a headboard and how to utilise it to its best potential.


Q: Is it difficult to clean fabric beds?
A: Fabric upholstered beds are luxurious, but they need special maintenance. Over time, dust, stains, and even mould can collect on delicate materials.