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Modern Display And Corner Units

 Our selection of modern display units will enhance the look and feel of your living area.

A Modern Display Unit in Your Living Room Has Several Advantages

A display unit's large storage capacity is its main benefit. A display unit, with its drawers, cabinets, and sometimes even open glass shelves, provides a useful way to store a variety of goods and keep your living area organised. Our display units are built to last a lifetime because they are composed of solid wood, premium glass, and robust metal. We provide a range of other colours and door types in addition to modern, rustic, contemporary, industrial, and traditional styles

Adaptable in Terms of Style
A few key factors should be taken into account in addition to your preferences and the layout of your living area when selecting the ideal display unit style.

  • Rustic Style: Because they can tolerate normal wear and tear, rustic display units made of high-quality materials offer endurance and durability, making them perfect for spots that see a lot of use.
  • Contemporary Style: Because they are wide and short, contemporary display units are the perfect furnishings to give the appearance of more space in a small space. Think about how a living room should make you feel comfortable and how it is impractical to fill every square inch with furniture—you would feel overwhelmed.

How Many Types of Variety Will You Be Able to Select?

Modern Metal Display Units: The majority of the display units in our range are constructed of wood. However, some products use metal frames or have metal grips. Metal is available in several forms, however, it is only used on the parts of the display unit that are most commonly used.
Modern Oak Display Units: Our unique material selection comes in options for both light and dark oak display cabinets that will work well in almost any type of living area. All of our oak display cabinets are made from real solid wood and are of the highest quality, whether they are oak corner display cabinets or oak display cabinets with glass doors.
Modern Weathered Display Units: Among the darkest tones we provide, weathered finish display cabinets have a striking appearance and contrast sharply with lighter surrounds and walls.

A wide range of display units in walnut, aged, painted wood, and solid oak finish are available at Ellis Home Interiors. These shelving units are the perfect spot to showcase your most valuable assets, such as your most cherished books, ancient family photos, or your best showpiece.


Q: How many different kinds of storage do you have in your collection of display units?
A: Ellis Home Interiors offers display units with two doors, cabinets, and two drawers.