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Velvet Armchairs

Our extensive selection of velvet armchairs will improve the design of your room.

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An armchair is a multipurpose piece of furniture that has several advantages for all kinds of households. They may be used as lovely accent pieces to improve the overall beauty of the space in addition to being comfortable places for relaxation.

Why Velvet?
Velvet is commonly misinterpreted as a high-maintenance material. But let's break that illusion right now! If you give your velvet armchair the proper care and attention, it will last for a very long time. It also has a lower tendency to fade, crush, or mark. It is also far more durable and well-suited for everyday use.

Benefits of investing in a velvet armchair:

  • The velvety feel of an armchair upholstered in velvet is unmatched.
  • Velvet upholstery makes every piece of furniture appear instantly opulent and inviting.
  • Velvet accumulates light in a subtle way that gives the hues significantly more depth than any other material.
  • A velvet armchair may be easily maintained by wiping down the fabric with a towel or using a handheld vacuum.
  • A velvet armchair adds cosiness and warmth to a home.

Maintenance of a velvet armchair:

  • Velvet armchairs require minimal maintenance, but regular cleaning can maintain their brightness, freshness, and appearance.
  • To prolong the life of your furniture and revitalise the cushions, vacuum your armchair and use steam on the pile to fluff the fibres of crushed velvet chairs.
  • To clean stains from spills on your armchair, use a specialist velvet cleaning solution or make your detergent by mixing liquid and water.
  • To maintain the colour of your velvet armchair, avoid direct sunlight and close curtains at the brightest times to prevent fading.

Q: Are pets safe to sit on velvet armchairs?
A: Surprisingly, velvet armchairs are a great choice for pet owners. They are ideal for pet owners due to their flat pile, easy cleaning, and low risk of damage from claws.

We promise to make your life easier by offering you the widest selection of distinctively oriented collections available. You may create the home decor of your dreams with the stunning range of velvet armchairs that Ellis Home Interiors has carefully picked to exactly fit your area.